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Introduction DevSAT® (English) v.180812

Introduction DevSAT® (Français) v.180812

Mapping baseline data Value Chain stakeholders in Fiji for measuring impact of the project ”Promoting Nutritious Food Systems in the Pacific Islands”. (20180703)

Impulser la synergie et l’alignement des projets dans six provinces au Burundi afin d’augmenter l’impact avec un accent sur l’agriculture. (20171217)

Articles, reports, etc. by N. van Duivenbooden

Economics of Land Degradation Initiative: Report for the private sector. Sustainable land management – A business opportunity. GIZ, Bonn. (201607)

PIP Approach - scientific article (2015)

PIP Approach Brochure (English) (2016)

Brochure approche PIP (Francais) (2016)

Plus d’aliments en provenance de sols fertiles : Intégration des méthodes pour l’amélioration de la fertilité des sols (ITF). (2015)

More Food from Fertile Grounds: Integrating approaches in order to improve soil fertility (FGI). (2014)

Multi-scale land use systems analysis: a bridge between researchers and stakeholders: an example from semi-arid West Africa. (1998)

Sustainability in terms of nutrient elements with special reference to West Africa. (1992)

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