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The solution to roll-out DevSAT®

A facilitator is someone who engages in facilitation—any activity that makes a social process easy or easier. A facilitator often helps a group of people to understand their common objectives and assists them to plan how to achieve these objectives; in doing so, the facilitator remains "neutral", meaning he/she does not take a particular position in the discussion (Wikipedia).

A DevSAT® Facilitator is a person who has also the skills to train staff from various organizations that implement development, human aid, research or commercial activities and from organizations that plan activities to understand the principles of S&A and in using the Development Synergy and Alignment Tool (DevSAT®).

As a Licensed DevSAT® Facilitator (LDF), you help people become change agents through creating Synergy and Alignment of actions towards the goals defined by planners at different levels of scale. You help the various stakeholders, i.e. planners and implementors of humanitarian aid, development, research projects and enterprises to find ways to become more efficient, and subsequently, increase impact. You help them affect resource management and increase empowerment of collaborating implementing organizations.

When you become a LDF, you can offer and facilitate the DevSAT® Foundation Workshop for staff from various stakeholder organizations (except donors) in countries where DevSAT® is accessible and for which you have the License. You can do this with our courseware materials, including exercises, and DevSAT®. Since the software of DevSAT® is continuously being improved, participating and succeeding the refresher workshop after one year is obligatory to maintain your License for another year.

A LDF has applied to participate in the DevSAT® Facilitator Licensing Course (DFLC), and subsequently participated in the various workshops and passed an exam. The DFLC is open for staff from organizations who have participated in a DevSAT® presentation, have the commitment from their organization to become a licensed facilitator for at least two years, and excepted the DevSAT® Facilitator License Agreement.

DevSAT® Facilitator Licensing Course (DFLC)

Two-Day DevSAT® Foundation Workshop

This workshop will learn you the following subjects:

1. Principles of Synergy and Alignment (S&A);

2. Goals and structure of the online platform DevSAT®;

3. The Project Information Form (implementing organizations);

4. The Business Information Form (enterprises);

5. The Geographical Information Form (planners);

6. The Lessons Learnt Form;

7. Performing analyses with Interactor to increase S&A.

In the period after this workshop you gain experience in using DevSAT®.

Two-Day DevSAT® Facilitator Licensing Workshop (DFLW-A)

During the DFLW-part A you will learn the following:

1. Facilitating a workshop (do’s and don’ts);

2. How to explain the Principles of Synergy and Alignment;

3. How to explain and teach other in using DevSAT®;

4. Explaining the Project Information Form (implementing organizations);

5. Explaining the Business Information Form (enterprises);

6. Explaining the Geographical Information Form (planners);

7. Explaining the Lessons Learnt Form;

8. How to explain the Interactor and the different dashboards (part 1).

During the DevSAT® Facilitator Licensing Workshop part A you will work on various skills. For instance, the social skills addressed include: Working together, Inspiring other persons, Speaking from personal experience, Dealing with doubts, Internal motivation to be facilitator, Connecting with participants during the workshop, Maintaining contact with participants after the workshop, Be pro-active (think and work independently) and service oriented, Taking responsibility for own learning process in DevSAT® and facilitator tasks, and Contribute to a better product.

In the period after this workshop you will execute some exercises with DevSAT® and explain the tool to some of your colleagues.

Two-Day DevSAT® Facilitator Licensing Workshop (DFLW-B)

During the DFLW-part B you will learn the following:

1. Do’s and Don’ts of giving a DevSAT® presentation from fellow-participants;

2. How to explain the Interactor and the different dashboards (part 2);

3. Technical problem shouting;

4. Timing of registration of new DevSAT® users.

In the period after this workshop you will execute some more exercises with DevSAT® and train at least two of your colleagues in DevSAT®.

One-Day DevSAT® Facilitator Licensing Workshop (DFLW-C)

During the DFLW-part C you will learn the following:

1. Do’s and Don’ts of giving a DevSAT® workshop from fellow-participants;

2. Practical and Technical problem shouting;

3. Inspiring DevSAT® users to report their results.

The days ends with the certification of the graduates.

Facilitator Licensing Course