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Bringing value to life


The art of linking projects

The safest way to run a project is to do it all by yourself with a single stakeholder and a control mechanism that eliminates all risks and external influences. However, the associated impact will be very low.

On the contrary, when people are inspired to follow their vision, they will take some risks. When coached and empowered to learn from mistakes, the impact is likely to be much larger and it will entail elements that add value to the life of the stakeholders. It can be in term of sustainability, improved value chain, a better organization, etc. where people push their own limits because they are inspired to excel. Not only for themselves, but for their community to where they belong. DevSAT® is a tool that can be used by various stakeholders to take the next step in development and institutional innovation. Read further about DevSAT.

All are seeking

It is recognized by many parties that the overview is completely missing. Every body is running their own show.

The farmer in his or her field is confronted with multiple messages and may even be blocked, resulting in a unwanted low impact of all parties involved.

Finding commonalities

Towards impact creation

First linking

Synergy identification

When the barrier between projects, organizations, or countries is lifted, one will be able to see the struggle similar projects are experiencing. Results that can be shared and compared for a better understanding of why one thing is working in one place and not in another place while it looks at first sight so similar.

When parties are seeing that others are working as hard as they do, and that -in fact- they pursue the same or very similar goals, exchange of results and carrying out together activities will be possible. It provides the possibilities to discover options for synergy and optimisation of the strengths of all involved that helps to focus even more on impact creation.

Creating synergy, alignment & impact Confusion Linking similarities Optimizing Strengths

Creating added value

Optimizing resources

The final step is then to create equal MSPs that can based upon some of the linked projects. Moreover, it allows identification of some activities (rather than new projects) that can triple the impact if selected wisely. In that way all parties involved benefit with less resources and obtaining increased impacts in terms of the realization of National Plans, SDGs and their targets.

Increased Impact

Actual situation

Alone you can walk fast, but as a team you reach further.