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Bringing value to life


Increasing impact of the work done by many stakeholders requires alignment of efforts and synergy of what is already going on. Common tools, data, formats and language are important. That is why we developed and are implementing the Ufahamu (Insights in Swahili) approach: one needs first to gain insights into the current situation, the needs, and the expected results in order to be able to steer the development process and obtain the required results and impact.

The goals of the Ufahamu approach are: 1) improve the planning, execution and monitoring of integrated multidisciplinary activities based on synergy and alignment at various levels of scale, 2) increase efficiencies, and 3) increase triple impact: People, Plant and Prosperity.

Ufahamu in practice is a modular framework of three software tools that can be used by different stakeholders: a) the Development Synergy and Alignment Tool (DevSAT®), b) the Planning, Monitoring and Reporting module (PMR), and c) the Interactive Theory of Change module (I-ToC). The latter two are yet to build and connected to DevSAT.

This new interactive software package has been developed using state-of-the-art technologies, including so-called ‘graph-database’ that are ideally suited to manage highly interconnected data (the same type of database was used to visualize and search through the millions of connections between persons and organisations in the Panama Papers and Paradise Papers).

Since vision setting and the subsequent planning of activities at the household level are crucial in getting progress in development, we also promote the PIP approach. This guides an integrated bottom-up development.   

Bringing together what matters

With overview of projects and possible interactions, it is possible to create synergy.

Development Synergy & Alignment Tool (DevSAT)

Planning, Monitoring & Reporting module

With using the SDGs and targets, it is possible to align actions.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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With a vision and oversight, it is possible to better direct development.

Interactive Theory of Change module

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With sharing the right data, it is possible to support each other.