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Bringing value to life


Trimpact - Bringing value to life

Niek van Duivenbooden created this social enterprise with a new vision how development aid should go into a next phase. He is now building a new team of equally committed people around him that have the same vision.

Niek holds a PhD degree from Wageningen University and Research in multi-scale land use planning. He is also a coach and has ample experience in facilitating and giving workshops. He has worked for various projects in and for West and East Africa related to food security, sustainable land use, and integrated development.

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Niek van Duivenbooden

We believe that collaboration is in its essence the key to development.
Of course it takes courage to show the weak part of your self, project or organisation, but another can support you to overcome that. Consequently, a winning team emerges that will create an impact more that one can do alone.

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