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Bringing value to life


Trimpact - Bringing value to life

We created Trimpact as a social enterprise officially in 2015 after a year of developing a preliminary online tool to map projects based on our vision.

Vision: Development can only be sustainable if it includes participation of the population based on an integrated and sustainable plan (including mitigation actions if necessary). Synergy and alignment of state and non-state actors can boost the combined triple-impact (People, Planet, Prosperity) of the activities from those actors. Creating happiness is a key component because happy people can excel much more than unhappy people. The process of creating synergy and alignment may also imply organizational innovation, i.e. to change current roles and responsibilities of organizations involved. This will also contribute to more effectively working together and consequently will further boost the combined impact of their activities. Finally, we belief that the work is best done by local internally motivated people who are ready to think differently and make the change so that the process is owned by the country and their population.  

Mission statement: To increase synergy and alignment of state and non-state actors in the realization of integrated and sustainable development plans in developing countries.

Strategy: Trimpact provides the cloud-based Development Synergy and Alignment Tool (DevSAT, an internationally registered trademark). It captures development, research and humanitarian aid projects and interactions with enterprises, lessons learned and development plans. Secondly, we offer related services to the various actors. We expand our company as a network organization with the growing demand through tailor-made preferably long-term projects (5-10 years) in which synergy and alignment are crucial factors. We therefore continue building a dynamic network organization of equally committed people within organizations that have the same vision.

The direction of 2 persons has ample experience in various aspects of applied research in developing countries, project proposal development, development project management and evaluation, facilitation of networks and workshops (including Theory of Change) and guiding/coaching people and organizations with a focus on inspiring them to go beyond the comfort zone to be able to create development, success and happiness from power within.

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We believe that collaboration is in its essence the key to development.
Of course it takes courage to show the weak part of your self, project or organisation, but another can support you to overcome that. Consequently, a winning team emerges that will create an impact more that one can do alone.

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