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Earth Restoration Plan
A growing number of intrinsically motivated people contribute to the realisation of the vision of living in a free world that will assist the planet and humanity in returning to its original potential (see also our book). They are elaborating a plan for restoring the Planet Earth in all its aspects that goes beyond the current way of thinking and financing.
The Earth Restoration Plan will have goals for the various aspects, and we temporarily dubbed them here Earth Restoration Focus Points (ERFPs).
Work in isolation
ERFPs will encompass, for instance:
  • Physical aspects in terms of both quantity and quality (e.g. soil, water, health, biodiversity, agriculture, livestock, fisheries, energy, minerals, oil, means of transport, recycling and waste management),
  • Mental & logic aspects (e.g. education, Universal Law, enforcement) and
  • Freedom of mind.

We will fill this page in the coming months when more details will become available.

For more information, please get in touch with us.
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