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Free downloads: books, reports & brochures
Below you can download for free a number of books, reports, brochures, and some open access publications from the list (⤓) or by clicking on the cover below. For the free publications in French, click here.
'Co-creating Alignment & Synergy, How to realise the Vision of restoring the Earth together. For more details click here.
Co-creating Alignment & Synergy
West Africa
Mali, Sourou Valley
  • PDIDS/EES Summary 10 pages.
  • The need for including organic and ecologically sound land and water uses in an integrated sustainable development plan: the case of the Sourou valley in Mali.
  • Duurzame ontwikkeling en waterbeheer in het Sourougebied in Mali. (Dutch

  • Other PDIDS/EES documents via the website of ICS.
East Africa
  • Options for Alignment and Synergy to increase the impact of PAPAB - A pilot for the Province Cibitoke, Burundi.

  • Mapping baseline data Value Chain stakeholders in Fiji for measuring impact of the project ”Promoting Nutritious Food Systems in the Pacific Islands”.
Period before Trimpact
  • Economics of Land Degradation Initiative: Report for the private sector. Sustainable land management – A business opportunity. GIZ, Bonn.
  • More Food from Fertile Grounds: Integrating approaches in order to improve soil fertility (FGI).

East Africa
  • PIP Approach Brochure
  • PIP Approach - scientific article (⤓)
  • Towards Nutrient Cycle Optimization through Synergies with Sustainable Land Management Stakeholders in Pilot Zones of the Fertile Grounds Initiative in Uganda.

West Africa
  • Competing for limited resources: the case of the Fifth Region of Mali.
    • Report 2. Plant, livestock & fishery production. (⤓)
    • Report 4. Development scenarios. (⤓)

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