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Alignment & Synergy Workshop
This workshops is for staff members of various organisations that want to learn more about the philosophy of A&S and how they can apply that in their organisations collaborating with other organisations. This workshop brings the book 'Co-creating Alignment & Synergy' to life.
Basic Workshop A&S
This introductory workshop about Alignment & Synergy has both a theoretical and a practical part so that the participants can understand the underlying principles and how to implement them in their work environment. In the morning, the participants will, for instance, evaluate the existing collaborations. At the end of the workshop, they will leave with insights, practical tools, and suggestions on upgrading those collaborations and starting new partnerships based on A&S so that their effects (impact) can be more extensive.
During this workshop, participants will learn and practice the following:
  • The principles of working together.
  • The principles of Alignment and Synergy.
  • Evaluation of current collaborations.
  • How your work can contribute to others.
  • How you make use of the results of others.
  • Making an action plan to increase A&S in existing partnerships.
Practical information:
  • A typical workshop has 12 to 30 participants (from at least four different organisations).
  • This workshop lasts a day.
  • After three months, a refresher day will take place to learn how to apply what one discovered in the intermediate period and during the session to daily work.
Please get in touch with us for further details.

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