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Reinforcing soft skills Workshops
Soft skills are the oil to run a machine (a process) smoothly. The machine can be yourself or your organisation. Trimpact is specialised in two of these workshops (under the brand Inspired People Work for the Netherlands since 2000) considering its mission: the workshops Core qualities and Service-oriented Communication.

Workshop Core Qualities
Collaboration starts, by definition, with two persons. However, sometimes, we react to another person in an unexpected way that may block a fruitful interaction, and therefore, hindering the joint creation of success and impact. Alternative, you meet someone with whom you can excel; you inspire each other to take the next step and create outstanding achievements. How can that be?
Trimpact Core Quality workshop
This workshop provides insight and tools on how to change your collaboration. It starts, of course, first with getting to know yourself better; what are your Core qualities, pitfalls, challenges, and allergies that form your Core Quadrant (as depicted aside). That will help you to understand better what is happening between you and the people around you, and the issues you are addressing.
The workshop makes crystal clear that success is only possible if all three dimensions are taken care of simultaneously.
The goals of this practical workshop are that participants: a) gain insight into the importance of their Core Qualities and their effect on one's behaviour, b) get tools how to determine their Core Qualities, and c) use the Core Quadrants to investigate existing collaborations, and if necessary, learn to break through blocking patterns.
For more information and details about the set-up of the workshop, please get in touch with us.

Service-oriented communication
Top companies create clarity, confidence, and community to build sustainable performance. That implies that their communication should be equally clear and service-oriented. Unfortunately, we see a lot of development projects performing below their capacities because the staff neglects communication, both internally and externally. This workshop can be the start of a change.
Trimpact workshop in Mali
Service-oriented communication is a notion (developed by our other company, Inspired People Work) that combines customer-oriented communication (merely the technique of how to communicate), timing (the best time to communicate), and clarity (i.e., the reason why you communicate; your intention).
It makes the persons you are communicating with happy because you significantly help them. That makes the internal and external customer feel taken seriously, with positive consequences for the collaboration and (financial) results.
With this workshop, participants gain insights into the various aspects of communication. They learn skills to break through patterns and put the necessary accents in the communication, making it service-oriented. Besides, participants become proactive (versus awaiting and reactive). That will affect the team that will radiate trust and empathy: no empty words, but commitment with a communication focus on win-win and moving forward.
For more information and details about the set-up of the workshop, please get in touch with us.
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