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Overview of Trimpact's principles
Trimpact offers various services, based on four guiding principles presented below in brief.

Intrinsic motivation
People can change. Inspired people realigned to their intrinsic motivation are vital in pursuing the shared vision of restoring the Earth in all its aspects.
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Reinstate the Planet Earth
A plan for the Restoration of the Planet Earth in all its aspects does exist that
will help the planet and humanity
to return to its original potential.
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Integrated and Sustainable Development Planning (ISDP)
This approach provides the beacons for future collaboration, whereby the vision of all stakeholders translates into a doable plan allowing for interdisciplinary complementarity towards common goals and creation of a lasting impact.
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Alignment & Synergy

A&S of stakeholders supports the more effective and efficient restoration of the Earth. Following the inventory, one can identify how existing actions and projects could work better together and where the gaps for implementing the ISDP exist.
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