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Intrinsic motivation
Intrinsic motivation is the drive to do something for inherent fulfilment, and generally in service to others in harmony with the environment. To put it simply: It is the real reason why one comes out of the bed. Intrinsic motivation also determines the way how one lives and make a living.
When people are intrinsically motivated (inspired) to follow their vision, they will take some risks, push their limits, and try to find new ways of doing things for the greater good. They become creative and innovative.
Upon their request, coaching, providing feedback and empowering will enlarge the impact of their activities. The employed activities will entail elements that add value to the life of the stakeholders. The added value can be in terms of sustainability, improved value chain, a better organisation, prosperity, etc. Again, these outputs are not for themselves but for their community to where they belong or for others in general because they feel that is the way forward.
Therefore, Trimpact pays attention to the intrinsic motivations of business partners and target groups. Below we provide some details on how Trimpact sees and puts this in practice.
Trimpact landscape in Kenya
Social Entrepreneurship
Social entrepreneurship is entrepreneurship with a social mission. Trimpact recognises itself in the combined definition provided by Social Enterprise NL and Social Enterprise UK: Social entrepreneurs look for innovative systemic solutions to societal challenges. A social enterprise delivers just like any other company a product or a service, has a business model and is social in the way it conducts the business. It realises that as an independent company, being conscious of its ecological footprint.
Making money is not the primary goal; it is a means to accomplish its mission. Profit is allowed, but the financial goals are at the service of the mission. Being financially self-sufficient, based on trade or other forms of value-exchange, a social enterprise is, therefore, little or not dependent on grants or subsidies. The purpose of social enterprise is to create social value, also known as ‘impact’. Finally, our company name refers to triple impact, concerning People, Planet and Prosperity (see below).
Active participation in Burundi
Inclusion of local people &
Coaching them versus doing it for them
Trimpact strongly believes that local people are always responsible for their lives and their environment. Owning that responsibility can never be obtained when other parties determine their lives even when it looks so attractive during a project or programme. Therefore, we organise practical workshops, coach them, ‘teach them how to fish’, and provide backstopping during the transition period.
We inspire, and if possible, we guide them out of their comfort zone so that they can take decisions and become the captain of their sailing boat again and determine where they want to go. Trimpact is, therefore, also an ambassador of visionary activities such as the PIP approach, the Theory of Change, and Integrated Development Planning.
Triple P
People: Human Beings are the core of why we act and restore the Earth. Actions should enable them socio-economically so that they can fulfil their potential in dignity and equality and a healthy environment.
Planet: Restoration of the Earth is core to ensure life for Human beings and all other species. Actions include, for instance, protection (e.g. nature conservation), natural resource and waste management, recycling of resources, and of producing food sustainably.
ProfitProsperity: the state of health, happiness, and prospering (welfare and well-being); a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition. That encompasses much more than the often-used ‘profit’ that refers only to financial gains or security. Moreover, happiness is essential to us because the envisioned change should be light-hearted.
To obtain Triple P, two other P’s are determinant.
Peace: Without peace, either inner or outer, nothing can change. People are kept in a state of survival rather than creating their own lives. With peace (free from fear and violence), people do collaborate much more straightforward to form societies that thrive. There can be no sustainable development without peace and no peace without sustainable development.
Partnership: Without partnership, nothing will succeed. In partnership, partners thrive for a common goal, and where partners support and motivate each other to excel. Partners congratulate each other when they have success. Therefore, Trimpact strongly advocates Alignment & Synergy.

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